1) I would like a UNAC Victoria representative to speak at my event – are you available?

We would be very happy to try and attend your event.  Please provide a minimum of one month’s notice as we are run by volunteers and therefore it would be dependent on availability.  Contact us at: unacvictoriabranch@gmail.com

2) I would like to get in touch with the United Nations – can you help me?

The United Nations Association in Canada is not a Canadian office of the United Nations.  We are a distinct organization with a focus on public engagement activities within Canada, therefore unfortunately we cannot connect you to the United Nations.  Please refer to http://www.un.org for more information on the United Nations.

3) I would like to buy UNICEF cards – can I get them from you?

We are not affiliated with UNICEF and do not have any cards for sale.  Please contact UNICEF directly for information on purchasing cards:

Tel: 1.800.308.3248 ext. 8820
www.unicef.ca | facebook.com/UNICEF-Canada


Visit the Ten Thousand Villages store at:
1009 Government St., Victoria, BC
Tel: (250) 598-8183

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